C-8 Medical Monitoring Program

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The C-8 (PFOA) Medical Panel (the “Medical Panel”) has concluded that a recommendation regarding ongoing C-8 testing will require a comparative analysis of data and test results from the C-8 Health Project, conducted in 2005 with the assistance of Brookmar, Inc., with the data from the current C-8 (PFOA) Medical Monitoring Program (the “Monitoring Program”).

The C-8 Health Project data and test results are held by West Virginia University pursuant to Court order in the strictest confidence and cannot be released to anyone for any purpose without explicit consent. In order for the Medical Panel to review or analyze class member data, consent of the class member is required. The class member consent would allow release of his/her test results to the Director of the Medical Monitoring Program for purposes of matching the data from the Medical Monitoring Program to the data from the C-8 Health Project. The Director would not be able to use the data for any other purpose.

After the matching process, the Director will remove any personal and/or identifying information that identifies the data as the class member’s. This process is called “de-identification.” After the de-identification of data, the Medical Director will submit the matched and de-identified data to the Medical Panel so that the Medical Panel can compare test results from the C-8 Health Project with test results from the Medical Monitoring Program. This comparison will help the Medical Panel decide how long the Medical Monitoring Program should continue and what the scope of the Program should be. The Medical Panel will use the de-identified data solely for the purpose of making recommendations for the continuation of the Medical Monitoring Program.

Please complete the consent form and return it to the Director of the Monitoring Program.

The consent can be returned by mail, email or fax to:

Michael Rozen
Director C-8 Medical Monitoring Program
c/o GCG
PO Box 10030
Dublin, OH 43017-6630

E-mail: ClaimantServices@C-8MedicalMonitoringProgram.com
Fax number: 614-553-1222