C-8 Medical Monitoring Program

Informational Meetings Questions and Answers

October 2017 Informational Meetings
Questions and Answers

The Medical Monitoring Program was created under a settlement between DuPont and claimants (a class of people) who drank water that was contaminated due to the release of a chemical known as C8 from DuPont’s plant in Wood County West Virginia. The claimants are represented by a group of plaintiffs’ lawyers.

The C-8 Medical Monitoring Program provides medical monitoring. Under the settlement, a neutral Science Panel concluded that there was a “probable link” between consumption of C8 and six diseases. The diseases are kidney cancer, preeclampsia, testicular cancer, thyroid disease, ulcerative colitis, and high cholesterol. A neutral Medical Panel then recommended that those who drank the water and are in the Class should be tested for these diseases. Under the settlement, DuPont is responsible for reimbursing the costs of these tests.

The following is a summary of some of the most frequently asked questions at the meetings.

Q1. When did the Medical Monitoring Program start?

A1. The monitoring Program began three years ago. If you had a blood test in 2005 to see if there was C8 in your blood, you were part of a separate C8 Health Study conducted by Brookmar. In order to participate in this Program, you must first register with this Medical Monitoring Program.

Q2. Will I receive money by participating in this Program?

A2. No, there is no monetary compensation included in this settlement. If you think you have damages from drinking the water in an impacted area you would pursue that separately, not through this Program.

Q3. Does this Program reimburse individuals for treatment?

A3. This Program is for medical monitoring only. This Program does not provide treatment if you are diagnosed with one of the diseases.

Q4. Does this Program pay for medicine?

A4. The Program pays for any medicine you may need for a diagnostic procedure. For example, the Program will pay for colonoscopy preparation medicine and physician prescribed medication for a biopsy. The Program is only for monitoring so it does not pay for medicine to treat any of the diseases.

Q5. What if I have some symptoms of these diseases after my screening? Will the Program pay for me to go back to the doctor to see if I have the disease?

A5. Yes. If you go to the Program website, there is a list of symptoms that you should monitor. If you develop any of these symptoms after your initial screening, you should call 1-888-499-2553 to schedule an appointment with a monitoring Program physician.

Q6. Are there costs associated with the Program?

A6. If you are an eligible class member, you can go to a physician and be monitored free of charge.

Q7. What if I know I already have one of the six probable link diseases?

A7. If you have already been diagnosed with any of these diseases before your screening appointment, you don’t need a monitoring test for that disease so the program will not pay for tests related to that disease. You can and should be monitored for any of the diseases that you haven’t been diagnosed with. For example, if you have already been diagnosed with high cholesterol, the program will not pay for high cholesterol tests.

Q8. I have already seen a physician with this Program. What happens next?

A8. The Medical Panel has decided that everyone who was monitored should be screened again three years from the date of their initial screening. This three year follow-up screening will also be free for any of the six diseases that you have not been diagnosed with.

Q9. I don’t remember if I had my initial screening. How will I know when I am eligible for a three year follow up appointment?

A9. You can contact the Program to determine if you’ve had your initial screening appointment, and you may also confirm the date of your initial screening. Based on the date of your initial screening we will mail you a three year follow-up packet that you should complete and take to your follow up appointment. Whether you need an initial appointment or a follow up appointment, you should call the Program at 1-888-499-2553 to make an appointment.

Q10. Why should I continue to get monitored?

A10. You may still be at a higher risk of developing one of the six diseases even if you were monitored three years ago. In addition, having medical information from as many class members as possible helps the Medical Panel decide how long class members should be monitored.

Q11. Why has the Medical Panel recommended more testing?

A11. At this point the Medical Panel does not have enough data to determine how long claimants may be at risk for developing the six diseases. Therefore to be careful, the Medical Panel has recommended more testing.

Q12. When will the testing be over?

A12. The Program has not set a date to end the testing. The Medical Panel is reviewing data from this Program as well as the scientific literature available to determine when the testing should end. They have not reached a conclusion yet.

Q13. Why did I receive a letter requesting my results to be released to the Medical Panel?

A13. If you have participated in the Program, you received a letter from us asking if we could give your test results from the Brookmar 2005 C-8 Health Project along with your new C8 tests results to the Medical Panel so that the Medical Panel can compare them. This is some of the data the Medical Panel will be looking at. If you signed the consent form for the Medical Panel to have access to your test results, this data is de-identified so that your personal information remains private.

Q14. How can I obtain my C8 test results from the previous 2005 Brookmar C-8 Health Project?

A14. If you have signed the consent form and you would like to obtain the results of your testing from the C-8 Health Project, send us a letter at the following address asking us to send you your test results.

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